ES345 complete rewire

multi-pole switch rewire

decapitated headstock

With more than fifty years of experience working on guitars, and twenty-five of them being in a music store, Nick Bucci has seen a vast array of instruments, all makes and models, the problems they can present, and each of their nuances. While Nick's focus these days is mainly on building, repairs are still done upon request on a situational basis and consultations are more than welcome. Please feel free to write to Bucci Guitars via the contact page with any questions or requests,

or to make an appointment for an in-person consultation!

ES335 control cleaning

hollow body pickup replacement

Just a few examples here; more to come SOON!!

"As usual, I'm SWAMPED with repairs, but feel free to reach out and talk to me! Whaddya want? Whaddya need??"

-Nick Bucci

Dobro reset/refret

Gibson neck block repair/reset