bucci guitars' story

MUSICIAN: As a musician, Nick Bucci has played professionally for 55 years, so he doesn't build his guitars as a woodworker; he builds them as a player. He started playing at the age of nine, and started taking guitars apart at the age of twelve. He experimented and made all his mistakes on his own guitars, and then took on customers' instruments.

RETAIL: Nick owned and operated a retail music store for 25 years. He learned a lot from Jimmy Zaleski at Music Museum and then opened Mid Atlantic Music. The advent of internet changed the retail landscape so he walked away from his music store before the inevitable happened. Big box retail was wreaking havoc on local stores and he didn't want to become a casualty of the whole scene, but he MAINLY gave up retail because he wanted to concentrate more on being a musician and luthier.

BUCCI GUITARS: After years of repairing and restoring, he's now focused almost solely on building. Repairs and restoration are now reserved for instruments that truly speak to musicianship, and are on a consultation-first basis. Click on the Repair page for details...